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Emeriti Faculty

University of Louisiana System Emeritus Policy

Granting of Emeritus Titles

The purpose of this procedure is to guide academic and administrative faculty applications for emeritus status. Emeritus status is granted to encourage continued association with the university for purposes of academic instruction, scholarly investigation, and of university service. The Board of Supervisors awards emeritus status.


For academic faculty the process proceeds as follows:

  1. Nomination by departmental faculty colleagues, Department Head, or Dean
  2. Recommendation by a vote of all tenured faculty in the unit to the Department Head
  3. Recommendation from Department Head to Dean
  4. Recommendation from Dean to Provost/VP Academic Affairs


Consistent with UL System policy, faculty who meet these requirements are eligible to for consideration:

  1. Meritorious contributions to University, Department, and discipline in a combination of at least two of the following: teaching; research, scholarship or creative works; university service; and/or professional achievement. Outstanding achievement is required in either teaching or research, scholarship, and creative works.
  2. Continued professional commitment and ongoing capacity for advancing knowledge
  3. Good standing
  4. Rank of full professor
  5. Min 5 years in rank at UL Lafayette
  6. Has accepted the nomination to submit for emeritus status


The nominee is to prepare a dossier consisting of the following and submit it to the department head 90 days before commencement of the applicant’s last full-time semester:

  1. Comprehensive curriculum vita
  2. Supporting evidence of teaching, research, and service in order to demonstrate past professional accomplishments
  3. Optional letters of support from students, alumni, and colleagues


In addition to the standard retiree benefits; library access, parking, email, and benefits to Emeritus holders include the following:

  1. Member of the UL Lafayette Emeritus College (to be established)
  2. As university and departmental resources permit, Emeritus faculty members may
    • Use of office space, negotiated with department based on available space and on going research and teaching involvement
    • Submit research proposals with approval from the Provost
  3. Apply for graduate faculty appointment to serve on thesis or dissertation committees.
  4. Serve on university and department committees that do not limit membership to full-time or tenured faculty.
  5. Department Head, Director, Associate Dean, Dean, Provost, and President and other administrators may submit for Emeritus status with title e.g. Emeritus Dean.
  6. Meritorious contributions to University, Department, and discipline in a combination of at least two of the following: teaching; research, scholarship or creative works, university service or professional achievement. At least one of outstanding achievement must be in area of teaching or the realm of research, scholarship, and creative works.
  7. Significant contributions to University, Department, and discipline in a combination of the following with at least one area being in outstanding teaching or meritorious scholarly achievement:
    • Clear evidence of outstanding teaching
    • Recognized record of meritorious scholarly achievement as demonstrated by research, or creative works
    • Clear evidence of service beyond normal expectations
    • Recognized record of meritorious professional achievement

Professors Emeritus


Dr. John Guillory, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering
Dr. Keith Dorwick, English, Liberal Arts
Mr. John Hathorn, Visual Arts, Arts
Dr. James Clemons, Kinesiology, Education
Dr. Paula Montgomery, Foundations & Leadership, Education


Dr. Mary Reichling, Music, Arts
Dr. Jenneke Visser, School of Geosciences, Sciences
Dr. Ralph Baker Kearfott, Mathematics, Sciences
Dr. Richard Fossey, Foundations & Leadership, Education


Dr. Subrata Dasgupta, School of CMIX, Sciences
Dr. Willard Fox, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. Mary Ann Wilson, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. Christine DeVine, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. Ellen Cook, Accounting, Business


Dr. Rakesh Bajpai, Chemical Engineering, Engineering
Dr. Claire Foret, Kinesiology, Education
Dr. John Greene, English, Liberal Arts
Mr. Allan Jones, Visual Arts, Arts
Dr. Susan Mopper, Biology, Sciences
Dr. Dan Ward, Accounting, Business
Dr. Joseph Neigel, Biology, Sciences
Dr. Keith Watson, Economics & Finance, Education
Dr. Glen Watson, Biology, Sciences


Dr. Joe Andriano, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. Chiu Yeung Chan, Math, Sciences
Dr. Brian Lock, Geology, Sciences
Ms. Lynda Frese, Visual Arts, Arts
Dr. Michael Maher, Communications, Liberal Arts
Mr. Herman Mhire, Visual Arts, Arts
Dr. William Rieck, Curriculum & Instruction, Education


Dr. Mary Jane Ford, Curriculum & Instruction, Education
Dr. Barry Ancelet, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts
Dr. Anne Keaty, Marketing & Hospitality, Business
Dr. Brooke Hamilton, Management, Business
Dr. Kam Movassaghi, Civil Engineering, Engineering


Dr. Darryl Felder, Biology, Science
Dr. Steve Knouse, Management, Business
Dr. Victor Schneider, Math, Sciences


Dr. May Waggoner, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts
Dr. Steve Giambrone, Philosophy, Liberal Arts
Dr. Judith Gentry, History & Geography, Liberal Arts


Dr. Abdelhak Serhane, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts
Dr. Gary Glass, Physics, Sciences
Dr. Robert Gramling, Sociology & Anthropology, Liberal Arts
Dr. Kathleen Handy, Sociology & Anthropology, Liberal Arts
Dr. James Reinhardt, Chemical Engineering, Engineering
Dr. James Garber, Chemical Engineering, Engineering
Dr. Marcia Gaudet, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. John Meriwether, Physics, Sciences


Dr. C. Eddie Palmer, Sociology & Anthropology, Liberal Arts
Dr. Roy Brown, Biology, Sciences
Dr. Ray Bauer, Biology, Sciences


Dr. Carl Brasseaux, History & Geography, Liberal Arts


Dr. L. Dwynn Lafleur, Physics, Sciences


Dr. John Robert Moore, History & Geography, Liberal Arts
Dr. Wendel Gatch, Kinesiology, Education
Mr. Elemore Morgan, Jr., Visual Arts, Arts


Mr. Robert Russett, Visual Arts, Arts
Dr. Vaughan Baker, History & Geography, Liberal Arts
Mr. Eddie Cazayoux, Architecture & Design, Arts
Dr. Patricia Rickels, English, Liberal Arts


Dr. John Ristroph, ITEC, Engineering
Dr. T. R. Rao, CACS, Sciences
Dr. Gerald George, Kinesiology, Education
Dr. John Matese, Physics, Sciences


Dr. Thomas Schoonover, History & Geography, Liberal Arts


Dr. Richard Cusimano, History & Geography, Liberal Arts
Dr. Jeanette Parker, EDCI, Education
Dr. Henry Heatherly, Math, Sciences


Dr. Burton Raffel, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. David Andrew, Math, Sciences
Dr. Paul Barefield, Communication, Liberal Arts
Dr. Darrell Bourque, English, Liberal Arts


Dr. Al Williams, Management, Business
Dr. Frans Amelinckx, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts
Dr. Sylvia Iskander, English, Liberal Arts


Dr. Ed Dugas, Kinesiology, Education
Dr. Ronald Labbe, Political Science, Liberal Arts
Dr. Mathe Allain, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts
Dr. Ann Dobie, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. Dean Keeley, Chemistry, Sciences


Dr. Sarah Brabant, Sociology & Anthropology, Liberal Arts
Dr. John Fiero, English, Liberal Arts
Dr. Nelda Spinks, BSAT, Business
Dr. Doris Meriwether, English, Liberal Arts


Dr. Albert Fields, English, Liberal Arts


Dr. Peter Payne, CODI, Liberal Arts


Dr. Wes Cady, History & Geography, Liberal Arts
Dr. James Dormon, History & Geography, Liberal Arts
Dr. Gloria Fiero, History & Geography, Liberal Arts


Dr. Amos Simpson, History & Geography, Liberal Arts


Mrs. Madelle Lockard, Nursing, Nursing


Dr. James Reeves, Engineering

Dean Emeritus

Dr. Gerald Carlson, Kinesiology, Education 2014
Dr. Bradd Clark, Math, Sciences 2014
Dr. David Barry, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts 2012
Dr. Anthony Ponter, Chemical Engineering, Engineering 2008
Dr. Gail Poirrier, Nursing, Nursing & Allied Health 2018
Dr. Charles Triche, Library 2018

Administrators Emeritus

Dr. Ray P. Authement, President 2008
Dr. Steve Landry, Provost 2011