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Chairs & Professorships

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette awards numerous chairs and professorships to faculty members who personify excellence in scholarship, research, and teaching. These honors recognize current faculty and serve to recruit future faculty.

UL Lafayette has 22 Endowed Chairs; each of these is valued at $1,000,000. Base funding for each Chair was provided by the combined efforts of private donors and the State of Louisiana. For every $600,000 in private donations, the Board of Regents Support Fund (BORSF) matched $400,000. In addition to the BORSF Chairs, the University also has two Endowed Chairs funded entirely through private sources. The most recent addition to the University's funded chairs is an Endowed Super Chair in Telecommunications valued at $2,000,000.

The University has received funding for more than 233 BORSF Endowed Professorships valued at $100,000 each. Funding these professorships was also a joint endeavor by private donors and the State of Louisiana. Donors provided 80% of the funds and BORSF provided 20%. Additionally, the University has funded 29 Endowed Professorships through private sources.



Board of Regents

Board of Regents Policies


UL Chairs -  Louisiana Board of Regents Endowed Chairs for Eminent Scholar Program Policy

UL Chairs - Guidelines

UL Chairs - Discretionary Spending Procedures


UL Professorships 2024 - 2025 University Wide Applications

UL Professorships - 2023 - 2024 Holder Information

UL Professorships - Policy

UL Professorships - Discretionary Spending Procedures

UL Professorships - Budget Proposal Template

UL Professorships - BANNER BUDGET CHECK New Self Service Professorship or Chair Query

Annual Reports

Annual reports are a required to be submitted to the Office of Student and Faculty Excellence OneDrive.  Annual Reports may be submitted to the OneDrive at any time.  The OneDrive link is included in the Professorship award notices.  

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