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Workload & Evaluation

Please read this information and instructions prior to beginning the the evaluation and performance review process.

The work done by university faculty is manifold, varying not only by types of tasks, but also by academic discipline and mission. It includes not only the activities associated with scheduled instruction on campus and online–preparation, classroom presentation, and evaluation of student work--but also scholarship, research, grants, competition, creative endeavors, and other responsibilities to both the institution and the profession.

The University takes its primary responsibilities to be the advancement of knowledge through research and the extension of knowledge through teaching. These are, therefore, the primary components of the workload of all faculty members and the main descriptors of the University's expectations of faculty. Faculty expectations are defined in the Faculty Handbook including the Specifications of an Ideal Faculty Member.

Faculty Evaluation

Per University of Louisiana System Policy UL Lafayette conducts and annual evaluation of faculty members. Beginning with the 2018 cycle the evaluation process will be conducted through the Performance Review module in Cornerstone. Training will be conducted Febraury 1-15, 2019, with the module opening to faculty, department heads and deans by Feb. 15, 2019. A complete calendar outlining each step and the appropriate dates will be posted shortly.

The information to be entered into Cornerstone is the same information that was previously entered into into the Word or pdf versions of the paper form. Faculty may prepare for the opening of the Performance review module by entering their 2018 activities into the Microsoft  Word version of the previous Faculty Workload Form and then cut and paste the information into the corresponding section in Cornerstone.

Tentative Schedule

January 14-February 11, 2019: Faculty can begin the evaluation process using the Word version of the previous paper workload form to begin collecting information for their self-evaluation.
February 1-15, 2019: Training will be conducted in Cornerstone for faculty, department heads, and deans.
February 11, 2019: Cornerstone will open for faculty to begin entering information by copying and pasting from Word file of the paper form or whatever file format they use to collect information for their evaluation.
March 10, 2019: Due date for faculty to complete self-evaluation.
April 8, 2019: Due date for Department Heads to complete the evaluation.
May 5, 2019: Due date for deans to complete the evaluation.
May 6-31, 2019: Discussion of evaluation between the department head and faculty. (Note this is a new step in the evaluation process that follows best practices. The goal is to complete these evaluations by the end of the Spring semester.)
May 6-31, 2019: Acknowledgement of the evaluation. (Note: this step replaces the faculty signature at the bottom of the paper cover evaluation)
June 3-21, 2019: Provost Review. The Provost will receive a report run in Cornerstone and sorted by the college with the merit evaluations scores assigned by the department head and the deans to review rather than approving individual evaluations.
June 21-28, 2019: Prepare faculty merit calculations.
June 21-July 19: Provosts Office sends a copy of College report to Deans.