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Changes to quiz defaults in Moodle

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What a week is has been! The progress each of you has made in transitioning your courses to remote delivery during this unprecedented situation has truly been remarkable. We applaud your efforts to protect our academic mission and to prioritize the success of our students.

The Academic Affairs team is here to help you continue this transition. We’re eager to hear your ideas and questions, so please let us know what additional support we can provide.

To that end, here is information on changes to the quiz defaults in Moodle, alternatives to proctoring, and the process for securing eBooks.

Moodle: The University has made changes to the default settings for the Moodle Quiz tool in order to optimize its performance.

  • If students are taking a timed quiz and time runs out before they submit their answers, the answers they selected will be saved and sent automatically so that they can receive credit for correct answers.
  • Students will not be able to view quiz results and correct answers until after the quiz is closed and no longer available for further test-taking. Limiting access until after the quiz is closed will help maintain academic integrity by preventing students from sharing correct answers with classmates.

These default settings are effective immediately and will only apply to new quizzes created in Moodle. Previously created quizzes will not be affected.

Instructors can change settings for quizzes by following the instructions posted here.

Alternatives to Proctoring: The nationwide transition to remote teaching has created a shortage of online proctoring options. To assist faculty with devising alternatives to online proctored exams as finals approach, the Office of Distance Learning has created a website with strategies and resource links. Visit Alternatives to Online Proctoring for tips on secure and alternative approaches to assessing student learning.

eBooks: LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network is offering a program to assist faculty who have transitioned to online instruction. The network is providing funds to purchase titles at no cost to faculty, students or universities.

If your course utilizes print instructional materials that students are required to purchase, consider providing a list of these materials for each course you teach. Ideal materials you might consider would be titles that don’t require the continued purchase of the latest edition. These texts will be owned by the University and made available online through the library catalog with perpetual access for unlimited users.

To suggest titles, please provide: 

  • Title of book:
  • Course ID:
  • Instructor:
  • Number of Students:

Email the above information to to participate in this program.