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Selected Bibliography

This chapter provides a broad overview of information to include in a course syllabus. The bulk of this work focuses on constructing a syllabus for an online or blended class format.

This resource was developed by Simpson College as a guide for new faculty. While some of its content is institution-specific, the majority of the information it provides is applicable to a variety of constituents.

  • Altman, H. B., & Cashin, W. E. (1992). Writing a syllabus. Idea Paper (No 27). Retrieved February 6, 2009, from ERIC database.

This article focuses on the major content areas of a syllabus and offers suggested improvements to consider when constructing a syllabus.

  • Grunert O’Brien, J., Millis, B. J., & Cohen, M. W. (2008). The course syllabus: A learning-centered approach (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

This text provides the reader with an understanding of the need for creating a learning-centered syllabus. It is an excellent source of examples and additional resources for faculty and instructors.

Syllabus Guidelines: Selected External Resources

Graphic Syllabus