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Educational Grant Application

Instructional Improvement GrantApplication at the bottom of the The application is at the bottom of the page.

Course and Curriculum (Re) Design Grant

The purpose of the Course and Curriculum (Re) Design Grants is to implement new or revise an individual course, a set of courses, or an entire departmental curriculum. Funding typical ranges from $750-$1,250. For additional information, please refer to the Educational Grant Guidelines for application instructions.

The grants fund projects that:

  •     Identify with strategic imperatives from the 2015-2020 University Strategic Plan eg. Student SI 1, and SI 4
  •     Develop and implement new courses or programs
  •     Redesign of existing courses or programs
  •     Develop and implement new teaching practices among a group of instructors
  •     Establish discipline-based programs to support student achievement
  •     Develop student research programs
  •     Assess curricula to understand how and what students are learning
  •     Develop, redesign, and implement course materials
  •     Foster initiatives related to retention

Priority will be given to projects that go above and beyond normal curriculum development, course updates, and minor revisions. Projects should include design, assessment, and further improvement of curriculum and teaching practices.

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are due November 1, 2017.

Faculty Development Grant

The Faculty Development Grant Program supports activities that lead to professional growth in teaching, research and service. Faculty Development Grants provide funds typically between $750-$1,250 for professional development seminars, workshops, and materials. For additional information, please refer to the Educational Grant Guidelines for application instructions. Example activities include:

  • Proposals that address the 2015-2016 University Strategic Plan specifically Students, SI 1, Faculty SI 2 specifically KPI 9, Research SI 1, SI 2, SI3, and Governance SI4.
  • Faculty and/or graduate teaching assistant educational development activities
  • Enhancement of professional capabilities
  • Training to learn a new teaching technology, pedagogical skill, or research skill
  • Establish a learning community, bringing together faculty with shared scholarly and pedagogical interests
  • Organization of lectures, symposia and conferences for UL Lafayette faculty
  • Workshops and seminars inviting speakers and facilitators to campus, and engaging in disciplinary research and/or the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Programs to mentor new faculty
  • Subscription to online workshops and webinars
  • Faculty retreats i.e. for writing

Proposals for the Faculty Development Grants that address teaching technology, pedagogical innovations, research skills, integration and balancing of faculty responsibilities, self-assessment of teaching skills, student engagement in the classroom, strategies for under-prepared learners, and/or interdisciplinary collaborations are specifically encouraged.

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are due November 1, 2017.

 III Instructional Improvement Grant

Provides funds typically between $250-$1,000 for small-scale projects to improve existing courses, develop new courses, evaluate instruction, and assess curricular needs. Instructional Improvement Grants are designed to promote innovative instruction for specific needs within a given course. Projects and activities generally include the purchase of teaching or learning materials. For additional information, including application instructions refer to the Educational Grant Guidelines for application instructions. Projects may include:

  •     Proposals that identify with the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan particularly Students SI 1, and SI 3, are encouraged
  •     Develop service learning and civic engagement
  •     Promote active learning and engagement
  •     Foster undergraduate research
  •     Development, redesign, and implementation of course materials
  •     Innovations in teaching methods or approaches
  •     Inclusive teaching practices that foster success for all students
  •     Assessment of courses
  •     Innovative applications technology in the classroom
  •     Initiating research projects in the classroom
  •     Incorporation of multicultural perspectives through instructional techniques

The Office of Faculty Affairs especially welcomes multi-disciplinary or team-taught projects, projects that involve large lecture classes, particularly at the lower division level, classes that have multiple sections, and/or classes with large enrollments.

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are due November 1, 2017.