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Testing Center FAQs

Where is the Testing Center located?
The Testing Center is located at Blackham Coliseum (2330 Johnston St., Lafayette, LA 70503). Due to the location, we encourage instructors and students to be mindful of heavy traffic times during the day and around Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School and to consider alternate routes to the Testing Center if necessary.

What are the hours of operation of the Testing Center?
The Testing Center is available for reservations Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., including final exams week.

How do I reserve a time for my test?
Reservations are made using MS Bookings. Users must be logged in with their UL Lafayette credentials to receive confirmation emails, have the reservation added to their Outlook calendar, and to have access for changes to their reservation. All reservations are received and processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Make a reservation on MS Bookings >>

Tests can be reserved no later than 72 hours in advance to ensure all preparation and staffing needs are met.

Once a time is reserved, instructors are required to complete the Reservation Form. This form provides Testing Center personnel with the necessary information to better prepare and assists with your scheduled test.

Why am I not able to reserve a specific day and time?
If there is not an available reservation slot for your preferred day or time, that means there is a test already reserved during that time.

Are there limits to the number of people allowed in a testing group?
Yes. The Testing Center at Blackham Coliseum has a maximum capacity of 200 people. This includes instructors, students, Testing Center personnel, and any T.A.s or proctors accompanying instructors. If you have a class size which exceeds 190 students, we require you to divide the class into smaller groups and reserve a time for each group.

Is there parking at Blackham Coliseum for Testing Center visitors?
Students, faculty, and TAs/proctors can park for free at Blackham Coliseum. Parking is located on either side of the coliseum. View the parking map for more information.

Is there a shuttle stop at Blackham Coliseum for Testing Center visitors?
There is a shuttle to and from Blackham Coliseum for Testing Center visitors. The Office of Transportation Services has provided a schedule of reserved tests and will make stops at the Testing Center when needed. Students can call 337-482-5305 for the on-call shuttle.

Will proctors be assigned to proctor the exam, or is that something I need to coordinate?
This is based on the needs of the instructor. The Testing Center will have two Testing Center GAs present during your scheduled exam who are available to assist with proctoring if needed. If you have TAs who will be accompanying you, let us know so we can have an accurate headcount.

Will our exam sessions need an instructor (or proxy) present?
Yes, instructors (or their designee) must be present for the exams. Testing Center personnel will not administer exams. We are simply providing space and proctors (if needed).

Can instructors deliver printed exams ahead of time?
We cannot accept or store exams for instructors. Testing Center personnel are only at Blackham Coliseum if there are exams scheduled, so we cannot guarantee someone will be available to take the printed exams from you. Additionally, we do not have an office per se at Blackham, therefore we do not have a secure space to store exams until the test date. Also, we do not have control of who enters Blackham Coliseum when tests are not scheduled.

I usually check IDs as students leave after completing the exam. Will GAs be able to help with this?
Yes! The Testing Center GAs are at your service. If you can provide instructions about this process for them ahead of time, that would be greatly appreciated.

Can I rearrange the tables and chairs to accommodate my seating preferences?
No. All tables and chairs have been placed and measured according to social distancing guidelines. We provide all instructors with a layout graphic of the arena floor to assist with planning. If you would like to receive a copy of the layout prior to reserving a test, please email Jami Rush ( with your request.

A time slot is not available on the reservation website for my scheduled final exam. Do you know how I am to go about giving a final exam for this class?
Considering the number of Hyflex courses/faculty this semester, reservations are received and processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is not an available day/time for your final exam, that means there is a test already reserved during that time.

We will work with you to try to find a solution (considering another day or time to hold the exam). However, if a solution cannot be found, then we are encouraging instructors to contact their department head/dean/director for other options.