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Faculty Handbook

UL Lafayette’s Faculty Handbook contains information on employment policies and procedures for all categories of faculty. The Faculty Handbook defines and describes the structures and process through which the faculty participates in institutional decision-making and governance, and the academic policies of the University in accordance with the University of Louisiana System and Board of Regents. The provisions of the Faculty Handbook are binding on the University and on individual faculty members. The Faculty Handbook governs the employment relationship of individual faculty members, and sets forth the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of faculty members and of the University. Faculty and academic administrators are expected to read the Faculty Handbook and to be familiar with its contents.

University policies are available online, as are many important procedures maintained by purchasing, human resources, and the environmental health and safety office. These websites will be updated as policies and procedures change. Please refer to them for issues not addressed in the Faculty Handbook.

Faculty Handbook by Section

Section I. The History and Development of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Section II. Organization and Administration

Section III. Fiscal Policies

Section IV. Instructional and Research Policies

Section V. Faculty Personnel Policies

Section VI. Faculty and Staff Benefits

Section VII. Educational Services and Other Resources

Section VIII. The Libraries

Section IX. Additional Policies and Procedures

Section X. Procedure For Making Change to the Faculty Handbook


Appendix A. Faculty Handbook Change Log

Appendix B. University and Senate Committees

Appendix C. University of Louisiana at Lafayette Policies

Appendix D. University of Louisiana System Policies and Procedures

Appendix E. Louisiana Board of Regents Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures

Appendix F. AAUP Statement on Professional Ethics

Appendix G. Louisiana State Employee Code of Ethics that Faculty Must Adhere to as State Employees

Appendix H. Federal Fair Use of Copyrighted Material

Appendix I. Policy Documents