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Information Literacy

Who must take UNIV 200?

First-Time Freshman and Transfer Students: Beginning with the 2015-2016 catalog, please consult with your academic advisor to determine whether UNIV 200 is a required course for your General Education Requirement..

UNIV 200 fulfills the General Education Information Technology requirement for all majors. Many courses that previously fulfilled this requirement are no longer available (BSAT 205, CMPS 300, CMPS 303, etc.). Other courses that previously fulfilled this requirement  still exist as courses for the major, can no longer be used to fulfill the general education information technology requirement. Such courses now focus on more advanced and discipline-specific content.

Continuing students: Students who began their curriculum in the 2013-2015 catalog are required to complete UNIV 200 or transfer equivalent as a General Education Requirement for all undergraduate degrees. Those students who began their curriculum in the 2011-2013 catalog are required to have a computer literacy course. No student should have to take two different computer literacy courses; the older computer literacy courses and UNIV 200 will be considered acceptable substitutes for each other for only those students following the 2011-2013 catalog. Therefore, if a student has already taken one of the many computer literacy courses previously offered on campus, that student is NOT required to take UNIV 200. The 2011-2013 catalog stipulates that UNIV 200 can always be satisfied with an “acceptable substitute”, meaning any of the previous computer literacy courses (BSAT 205, CMPS 300, CMPS 303, etc.). Similarly, continuing students who have not yet taken a computer literacy course will be allowed to take UNIV 200 instead of, say, the BSAT 205 specified in their older catalog.

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