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Title IX Task Force

President Savoie asked the Provost to establish a task force to review current University policies and practices related to sexual assault and to make recommendations for improvement based on the report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault.  That report highlighted important connections between Title IX and a university’s responsibility to respond to and prevent sexual violence. The Provost established the Task Force on Title IX and Campus Policies and Practices Regarding Sexual Assault this summer.  This group will work throughout the current academic year to review our current policies, identify policies and best practices that reflect the recommendations  of the White House Task Force,  conduct a campus climate survey, and to make recommendations on revisions to our policies and procedures. The Task Force will provide updates to the campus community throughout the year and identify opportunities for additional members of our campus community to contribute to this important work.

Title IX Task Force

Director Operational Review and EEOC Officer

Camille Bulliard, Assistant Professor of Performing Arts, College of the Arts

Kristy Fusilier, Assistant Director/SLIDDE Coordinator, Counseling and Testing

David Danahar, Provost

Jordan Kellman, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Jessica Leger, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Academics

Michael Louviere, Lieutenant University Police

Elizabeth Melvin, Student

Megan Breaux, Operational Review

Sara Ritchey, Department Head of History, Geography and Philosophy

Avery Tate, Student

Raven Taylor, Student

Greg Zerangue, Office of Public Safety


White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

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