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Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook is presently maintained by the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Staff Handbook: Handbook in a single pdf file.

The following link to individual sections of the Staff Handbook.

  • Section I. Academic Affairs
  • Section II. Information and Media
  • Section III. Student Affairs
  • Section IV. Registrar
  • Section V. Administration and Finance
  • Section VI. Human Resources
  • Section VII. Miscellaneous Campus Information
  • Section VIII. Miscellaneous Employee Benefits
  • Section IX. Environmental Health and Safety
  • Section X. Physical Plant
  • Section XI. Policy Documents
    • Employee (Faculty and Staff) Alcohol and Drug Policy)
    • Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
    • Policy on Prohibited Sexual Conduct
    • Violence-Free Workplace Policy
    • Grievance Procedures Policy- Classified Personnel and Policy Form
    • Grievance Procedures Policy- Unclassified Personnel and Policy Form
    • Compensatory Leave Policy for Unclassified Staff
    • Textbook Orders: Policies and Procedures
    • EEO Policy and Compliance Effort
    • Cleary Act
    • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Computer and Network Policy – Purpose and Scope
    • Equipment Policies
    • Guidelines: Driving Motor Vehicles on University Business
    • Approved Smoking Policy