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New Program Development

All educational programs and curricula at UL Lafayette are approved by the faculty through the curriculum committee structure at the department, college, and University levels and, ultimately, by the Provost. All curriculum revisions require the approval of the departmental and college curriculum committees, as well as the approval of the department head, dean, and Provost.

New academic degree programs proposed by the University need approval from both the University of Louisiana System and the Board of Regents (BOR). According to the BOR Academic Affairs Policy 2.04, “… colleges and universities shall transmit Letters of Intent to the Commissioner of Higher Education for all new programs to be proposed, with the exception of proposed undergraduate programs below the baccalaureate level.” The BOR Academic Affairs Policy 2.05 indicates that “Proposals for new academic programs should follow criteria outlined in the Guidelines: Proposal for a New Academic Program.”

New Program Resources

Sample Proposals