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Undergraduate Course Change Forms

Graduate Course Change Forms

Deadline for Course and Curriculum Requests

Courses may be added, deleted, or modified as needed. The process typically begins with individual faculty members identifying the need for new programs or courses or for modifying existing programs or courses in their area, or the need for deletion of a course. Procedures at the departmental and college levels vary among departments and colleges. Course changes may be brought before the department head/program coordinator, the department curriculum committee, or other appropriate committees/subcommittees, or the full departmental faculty, depending on the department’s defined practice or on the significance of the proposed change. Many departments have curriculum committees that meet regularly to review and evaluate the curriculum and recommend changes. The department head and college dean approve all distance-learning course offerings.

To add, delete, or modify an undergraduate course, faculty members complete the Course Change Request Form following the Instructions for Course Change Form made available by the Office of Academic Programs on its website. Information provided for new courses follows the University’s Course Style Guidelines and includes the name of the unit and college, the semester in which the proposed change will take place, the number of credit hours, the grade options, the course restrictions, the course prefix and number, the abbreviated title, the description of the course for the catalog, the impact on other departments, the pre‐requisites, and the method of instruction.

Following approval of an undergraduate course by the department head/program coordinator and the dean, the proposal is submitted to the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, a faculty committee whose purpose is to encourage the orderly growth of the University’s course offerings and to recommend to the administration only those changes that the committee feels reflect the needs of the students. Following processing by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, the request is routed for approval to the Assistant Vice President of Academic Programs who has been designated by the Provost to give final institutional approval to the request. After that approval is granted, the request is processed by the Registrar’s Office and returned to the Office of Academic Programs, who ensure that the catalog reflects the course addition, change, or deletion. For graduate courses, the request goes from the college to the Graduate Curriculum Committee, a standing subcommittee of the Graduate Council, which reviews all course additions, deletions, and changes for courses after approval by the department head and appropriate dean. The Graduate Curriculum Committee reviews all changes for courses which award graduate‐level credit. The committee is composed of one or two members of the Graduate Council and two or three members of the graduate faculty chosen to achieve balance and breadth of experience on the committee. Following processing by the committee, the requests are routed to the Graduate Council, the Graduate Dean, and the Assistant Vice President for Academic Programs, who has been designated by the Provost to grant final institutional approval. Internal processing through the Registrar’s Office and the Office of Academic Programs is the same as for undergraduate level courses.