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General Education

The general education Core Curriculum at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a set of courses required in all colleges and majors. It is designed to ensure that graduates acquire the knowledge and skill to live productive lives as responsible and knowledgeable citizens of their region, their country and the world, capable of working effectively with others while displaying openness to different viewpoints and understanding the diversity of human values.

Through general education courses, graduates learn to appreciate the possibilities of human achievement and the patterns of human thought in both the arts and the sciences. To this end, courses in the core curriculum ensure broad learning across the humanities, arts, social studies, and biological and physical sciences, while teaching competence in technology, communication, critical thinking and analytical skills. In broad terms, the General Education Committee exists to review, develop, and recommend policy regarding general education to the Committee on Academic Affairs and Standards, to recommend inclusion or exclusion of courses in the list of acceptable general education courses, and to participate constructively in assessment of the general education goals.

The Committee currently has a task force looking at designating appropriate courses across campus as meeting requirements for Global Competency. The intent is that in the course description of approved courses a GC would be included to signify that the course contributes to a students understanding of global issues.